Our focus is identifying and offering value added deburring solutions for machined parts.

We have demonstrated particular success in the following market segments as well as other production machine parts.


Valves, Mold & Die , Fittings, Precision Parts, Swiss Machined, Bushings


Tibia Trays, Bone Screws, Spinal Implants, Knees, Hips, Shoulders


Cylinder Blocks, Head Covers, Crankshafts Camshafts, Connecting Rods, Fuel Injection

IMEXSU Is Unique

We do not supply ordinary DeBurring Brushes but we supply Right DeBurring Solutions which makes us stand apart from rest.

  • IMEXSU means Innovation. We provide different solutions to different customer’s according to their specific
  • High Quality products &Technical support till process is set-up with desired satisfactory end product.
  • Huge Baskets of products catering all need of Deburring & Finishing needs
  • State of the art manufacturing units equipped with CAD/CAM for customised design.
  • Our Expert group provides 360* solution to Industries under one umbrella that is IMEXSU
  • Dedicated R & D Team with excellent expertise to urgent requirements of the customer
  • Value for money. Reducing CPC [Cost per Component] is our expertise.
  • Pro-Active Customer support.

IMEXSU is the only destination for quality seekers which provides all the solutions related to Deburring and Finishing under one roof. We work with major OEMs and almost major players of Industries providing Deburring Brushes and holders, Special purpose Deburring Machine, consultation services, set up of whole process line undertaken as a project.